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Canada Post has launched a new service recently that I think could be helpful: it’s called web services aka “the developer program”.

It is basically an integration of Canada Post web services directly to your e-commerce platform using our API’s so that you can let customers track their shipment directly from your site, provide real-time rating data & let your customers choose their preferred shipping method from your site, etc... Also, it grants access to a developer discussion forum, its free to get your API keys.

Here is the link with all the details:

I strongly wish Linnworks can be integrated with CanadaPost to print shipping labels like it does for other shipping services UPS, Fedex & DHL. This will be a mile stone for Canadians e-commerce.

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I agree, Canadapost is the only affordable shipping solution for small businesses in Canada. It only make sense to do this. Most Canadian customers wont even think of using linnworks simply because of this.
I haven't tried it, but they say Canada Post is integrated with Way 2 Ship...

Adding my vote for this please.

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