Change Product Visibility on BigCommerce based on Stock

In BigCommerce you have to manually change the visibility of an item if it out of stock. It would be nice if within the BigCommerce Channel Integration it would change the visibility of an item based on stock levels.

So, if an item had the stock of "0" it would change the visibility on the Bigcommerce to "Not VIsible" and then when the stock is changed to greater than 0 it changes it back to "Visible"

Many have asked BigCommerce to have an option to automatically not show items that are of 0 stock but they have shown little to no movement. If this could be done through Linnworks Channel Integration that would be an incredible time saver.

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An valuable enhancement of this idea would be if Linnworks could dynamically change the text field "Product Availability" based on Linnworks stock, purchase orders or other rules. For example if a product has a purchase order due on the 1st of June, the it would say "Available from 1st of June" on BigCommerce. Another example is if out of stock the availability could state "Dispatches in 7-10 days".
I like this idea, but would ideally prefer it to be at a SKU level rather than an overall setting.

With most of my products, if it goes out of stock it's temporary and I prefer to leave it visible (e.g. so a customer can see I normally stock the whole of a product range), but therew are a few items where I'd want to hide them if supply is erratic.

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