Schedule listings for eBay

When listing to eBay the timing is important, being able to schedule the upload of listings would be a big advantage.

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This is a must have for auction listings. In addition it would be nice if the listings could be scheduled to list directly from Linnlive at certain times, rather than use eBay's scheduled listing feature that charges fees.
please add this feature, timing of listings is very important and its not practical to prepare a template in linnlive and then wait for the right time to press upload, this also means that nothing else can be done linnlive because if you cancel the template screen the template will be deleted as their is no option to save a template that hasn't been listed yet / waiting to be listed.
please add this feature, otherwise, it would be such a pain. Also, I have used Channeladvisor and other platforms, it is such an essential, please add asap.
Can you please add this ASAP!
Would make our lives that much easier with this feature. Please move it to the top of the pile!
I am so surprised this hasn't been implemented yet. It's crucial with auction-style listings.
Such a basic feature which is available in $9/month software has been under review almost 1.5years.

What are all the developers working on at Linn Systems?
There are so many basic features which have been approved or under review for 1-3 years.

We are now actively searching for a new service
I think they're spending the majority of their time on custom coding etc for clients... seems LW is designed as such a customiseable system / in quite a roar un-user friendly fashion that there's always room for improvement / extra features / customising that people are so desperate for they pay... That's just my opinion of course and I don't work there so may be completely wrong but maybe this will stir a response as I've seen a lot of posts ignored on the uservoice forum...

I also get the feeling LW is very high maintenance as it's far from smooth and I think there's a lot of areas that need fixing along the way by the devs.

Off the top of my head here's some really obvious / essential features some of which have been under review / ignored for a very long time and if LW would actually stand up and address these as a priority it would be a far great / more comprehensive system !!

- auction scheduling
- channel messaging eg: eBay message management (they've talked about workign with reply manager for years... still nothing!)
- CRM of some sort - the current CRM section in LW is pitiful - absolutely awful and not at all intelligent / useful - no research into marketing techniques has been done here... LW totally lacks intuitive sales promoting features!

Also, am I going mad or have a load of suggestions on this forum been deleted...!?
can someone from linnworks update us about this much needed feature? we have been waiting for it so long, this is the #1 missing feature in linnlive.

please reply and let us know what is planned
It seems everything is measured in years at Linn Systems

2012 - Suggested
2013 - Under Review
2014 - Nothing
2015 - Probably Nothing - Willing to bet $1000
2016 - Probably nothing - Willing to bet $500
2017 - If still Nothing - I won't be terribly surprised

And this is for Scheduled Listings, literally one of the most basic features possible for ANY listing software.

Even the free listing tools offers this features.
Mind boggling how Linn systems is getting away with this!

I can see a solid competitor swooping in any year now.

ouch, that's gotta hurt!!

One thing worth noting is that I hear they've been working on a cloud based system which perhaps has taken up a lot of their time...

still - scheduled listings can't be that hard and is as everyone said a very obvious and much needed feature!
Can we get any update at all on this feature?
This is a must have feature
Guys don't expect much if there are 1-3 developers and the rest is outsourced somewhere. Wait 10 years more.

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