Schedule listings for eBay

When listing to eBay the timing is important, being able to schedule the upload of listings would be a big advantage.

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I would greatly appreciate the ability to schedules auctions for prime selling times on eBay.
I really agree with this. If LW can do that, I hope that we can do it in ebay and LW will manage the stock side. right now when you use the same SKU in both ebay and LW, you will get 100 listing instand of 10.

I m suggesting that LW should strik off the SKU and not the listing. In this case we can use turbo lister to manage the listing and LW to manage the stock integration
i agree this is a must to most eBay users, Linnworks should have done this from DAY ONE!!!
definitely necessary - auctions are a great way to clear stock and obviously you don't want them all listing at once!!
Yes! This is such an important feature for me! I'm very surprised this feature isn't already included!
I'd like to add to this that I would like to prepare many listings over a period of days with the ability to "save" them ready for uploading to ebay
Yes to me this is essential, I desperately need to be able to setup and make ready multiple listing all containing variations and post them all at the same time. This could take a week or more to prepare so being able to "save" them before listing them is essential.
Yes, please add this feature/
Timing is everything in the auction world and this feature is a MUST!
any idea if this will be available soon as my decision to use linnworks could be based on this.
I expected that as auctions came to a close, the relisting would be immediate, which would mean the same time time of day as the original auction started. Was disappointed to see that there was a delay of a few hours until the relist took place. After a few relists we now have auctions finishing at 4am which is completely useless as all the bidding happens in the last half an hour usually
all of our auctions need to be scheduled to start at different times (its been a part of our success for 8 years) so we wont be able to use LinnLive for auctions, please add this feature
This is vital for us as an ebay seller so please add this feature!
We would like to add our voice to this request. This functionality would have been appreciated yesterday.

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