autosend despatch emails automatically

Auto-Send can be enabled to send all mail in the background, but it does need to be started manually each time Linnworks is started.

207 people like this idea
i keep forgetting to switch it back on after checking for numerous bug fixes and updates,then all my mails go out late then the server refuses to send the hundreds of order emails that are backed up as the function to change the 60 second delay does not work either another bug which i found and have reported
Delay sending bug was fixed a while ago.
Please don't tell me that this is your answer to this popular issue Nikita

We do not want to be clicking Synchronization > Email Outbox, Auto Send every time it opens, pretty much EVERYONE does this so why is it not AUTOMAGICAL ?

In my opinion this is not completed. We need to be able to leave autosend emails on all the time, regardless of whether we have to restart Linnworks.
Please make this happen, surely it should be easy?

No, I think what the 186 users have voted for is actually the ability to send emails without having to click anything! Perhaps a preference added to the settings area to enable Auto Send upon startup?
We agree this is a half completed task, why have to remember to turn autosend back on every week once the 'weekly patch' is installed?
All in all I think this is a poor turn around in relation to a response seen as though this VOTE was started back in May 2012 and has basically been ignored....
By the sounds of it too the new infrastructure is not automatically sending emails unless they are moved.
I honestly would like to have this option and NO it is not massively important but isn't this the reason why we spent the votes on this in the first place?
Bit disappointing to be honest.
I like the idea below of having a pop up when booting Linn asking whether you would like to turn autosend on.
Sounds like an easy fix for the time being?
glad we're not alone on this one... totally agree, it's not fully Automatic if you have to turn it on all the time - more semi-auto!
This functionality is ported to and will be available for all desktop users as well.

Should be released in September release of

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