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Warning for items NOT mapped to avoid overselling / inventory accuracy

I know when shipping open orders there is a red ! when an item is not linked / mapped, although many times we have missed this causing inventory accuracy problems, COGS problems, and overselling problems. We would like to vote for something that would either not let us ship something until it is linked or pop up a warning saying that we are shipping an item that isn't linked. Even if we do notice the red ! warning and we fix the mapping in channel integration it still does not change that item that has already been downloaded in open orders, thus the sale for that item is never recorded.

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I believe there already is an option to not allow an order to be processed it if isn't linked. Check the application settings, I think it's in there. It's somewhere anyway.
This functionality is already in the system under the use of Batch Pilots. This can be setup to validated against sufficient stock and unlinked etc. See:

Note: Batch Process is not designed to have such validation on it.

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