manually execution of macro scripts

To add the possibility of manually running macro scripts without going through the hassle of edit/run test.


We automatically generate a tracking number for each order by connecting to the transport suppliers website.

The same script generates a "cover letter" email to the supplier and sends this email to our order desk.

We then manually generate a PDF of the all orders in this email (Batch Pilot/Print Invoices), attach it to the cover letter and forward it to our supplier. (Our supplier does not offer integration possibilities to transfer the order incl. details fully electronically)

Basically the scripts generates the cover letter at each synchronization. However, we do not want to send it each time we synchronize, so I am looking at putting the cover letter generation in a separate macro script that will be marked as disabled.

Our users will then have to manually execute the script in order to generate the cover letter. Today the only way of doing this is by first selecting Edit and then Run Test. This leaves room for users to accidentally change the script.

Adding a small "run now" button to each row on the the Macro Scripts page would make the process easier for our users and less prone to accidental changes of the script itself.

It's not a big issue for us, and we have the workaround, but since it seems like a relatively small thing to change I thought I'd check.

For bonus points: Making the toolbar and/or Order/Actions customizable with links to custom macro scripts...

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