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Shipping Price Suggestion function

I have an idea for shipping rates, that may spark some interest. We are finding that the ebay calculated shipping is throwing our listings way off because its charging much more than what we pay. Its nice to make money on shipping, but the shipping is too high, so to combat this, we only have the option of flat rate shipping or free shipping.

I propose a function that checks Weight VS Size VS Distance VS Shipping service, and determines an exact or more approximate price for shipping, then linnworks can use this information in conjunction with LL2 to update shipping prices."

Im a dreamer, not a programmer (yet) so im not sure of the complexity or possibility of my suggestions. I would like to add to the above, some way for LW to check with our custom shipping rates. I imagine the function to work losely as follows?

(USA version :p)

1. Check product weight

2. Check product dimensions

3. Check shipping rates

4. Calculate shipping for the most expensive region in each state.

5. Add all 50 State Rates and find average of all prices.

6. Insert suggested(average)shipping price based on the above.

7. Allow this rate to be adjusted.

(example: Product A is estimated as 5.96 shipping after the above function.) I should be able to adjust this, to 6.96 for example.

This would allow us to get a better handle on our shipping rates. Please offer ideas and suggestions.

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May be better to do all of these calcs in Excel and import the final shipping costs per service via CSV as extended attributes.
This does of course mean LL2 needs to be able to import various postage costs...

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