Linnlive2; Have 8 photos list to the ebay gallery upon listing.

When listing on eBay through LL2 you can choose photos from your linnworks database. As of right now only one of those photos will be put in the eBay gallery the rest are ignored. If we could have up to 8 photos propagate the gallery that would be great.


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Totally agree.
I list childrens shoes and use up to 5 images.
It wouldn't even matter whether the images are free to list or not in eBay, the facility to be able to list more than 1 is necessary. I was disappointed during the webinar to hear that only 1 image was used. LinnLive 2 for eBay is unasable for me at the moment because of this.
Strongly agree to have more images. In fact, this is essential to attract mobile buyers because ebay's app will automatically re-size gallery images to fit for mobile screen. Now ebay US allow 12 images per item FREE OF CHARGE. You can embed images in the listing descriptions but those images will not be re-sized in mobile screen and so not friendly to mobile buyers.
Tottaly agree
It is possible for single item listings and without bulk creation. You can find checkbox in pictures window with comments.

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