Have LinnLive2 take "ownership" of existing Ebay listings

Rather than cancelling all existing listings and relisting with Ebay, have LinnLive2 download existing listings and take ownership of them (say, if the stock is tracked in LW, or otherwise through a system where I can choose what to include / what not to include)

Currently, I'm not sure how I'm going to start using LinnLive2 without being able to do this (and need the ability to select postage prices...)

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Any news on when this may be implemented?
When can we expect this? defiantly an important feature; as to avoid lost sales records on holding off using linnlive until this is implemented..
Any updates? I'm also waiting for this to be implemented before I use Linnlive.
Could really do with this asap...
This is a must as we have moved from one stock/order management software to linnworks and this has really cost us in time and money not having this ability with over 900 ebay listings we have had to carry on paying for the old software just to look after our listings :(
Any news Jegor?
We are working on getting started videos.Mapping Tool will be released next week.
You can find tutorial videos (5 parts) here:
I would suggest a better process (or one at all) for linking items to templates. Preparing the mappings in two clicks is great but then having to click 3 times to link each SKU is tedious with around 7,000 listings.
Sorry, but we will not do this. First version of eBay Mapping tool was able to process and map listings in bulk, but this caused few of our customers totally broke all their listings. We can't let it happen again.

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