Different Stock Levels Per Channel

Allow the allocation of stock to each channel as a percentage of current inventory.

For instance we have 100 of a product in stock but don't want 100 listed on Amazon so we could set a level of 25% of inventory for Amazon and Linnworks would list 25 on Amazon, and as stock goes down or is increased the level is adjusted.

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I agree with this idea, although on the surface it looks like it would defeat the purpose of having a reliable stock control software. In my case it would create a buffer for potential mistakes in stockcount and last item being oversold (particularly as I'm using LW local and update manually, so in theory it would be possible to oversell particular overseas orders happening overnight.

I would also be useful for items that would benefit from lower stock count, creating a sense of scarcity and urgency to buy, while a large stock count may cheapen the product and delay purchases.
I think this actually enhances stock control as it enables you to control not only the complete inventory but the inventory listed on each channel.
there are occassions when we have listed a product on our website and Amazon but due to higher demand on the website we want to tempoarily remove the item from Amazon without delisting it, at the moment we cant do that but with stock levels per channel you can.
This should also include the ability to have an actual stock level i.e what is in the warehouse and a stock level that gets pumped out to the channels

For example: the more inventory you have in stock on Amazon helps you get the buy box - but you do not want 100s available on a fast selling line incase you accidentally run out

But with an actual and a fake stock level this would be possible - then also subsiquently distributed amongst channels to set rules

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I agree, this would be a nice function to have. For us, we have dealer channels that are completely separate from our eCommerce channels, and not monitored by LW. We use stock level exports to communicate with LW. If we have 100 of one item, we might want to offer 50% to our dealer network, 20% to Amazon, 20% to our website, and 10% to eBay. We might also want to use raw numbers, so the ability to toggle depending on the item would be nice. Great idea!
This would be great. We always like to leave a few extra parts in stock for our website / wholesale customers rather than giving the last couple to eBay / Amazon.!


This has been implemented for Amazon and fnac channels and we will be adding into other channels.

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