Make payment_method available as a variable

Linnworks is able to fetch the payment_method value from Magento and store it in an order but that's about it.

Currently we are not able to use this value since it's not available as:

- variable in template designer (i.e. to print the chosen payment method on the invoice)

- variable in scripting (i.e. automaticly add an item based on the chosen payment method, like "additional cost for CashOnDelivery")

- variable for conditional printing (i.e. print a specific invoice based on the chosen payment method)

We are waiting over a year now for this implementation, it just keeps getting postponed!

It took Linnworks about a year to create the field and fething method.

However, due to the absence of the list mentioned above we still cannot use it.

Pls prioritize this so that we all can make advantage of this value.

Please vote if you agree this should be fixed

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The variable in template designer and conditional printing will be release in one of the next patchs.

Scripting the GUID for payment method already exists this is order.fkBankId

A new method will be released under linnworks.finaware.CommonData.Accounting called Get_Accounting_Bank_Name which you will be able to get the specific bank name for a specific GUID

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