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Friendly Name for Source

the Source = EBAY and Sub-source= EBAY0 is very impersonal and not too easy to remember once you get past two or three ebay stores.

Could Linnworks have an ability to show a friendly name, so that we could actually call the Source by what we know it as? Then we could use that name as a variable in designing invoices etc.

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Thanks for the suggestion Jim. I would like to see this implemented too.
Hi Guys,

You can write a custom code in the e-mail templates and other templates to get this to appear better. We use something like this: Thank you for your purchase with us through EVAL. You can put this in the Subject of e-mail templates also.

Hope this helps,

Yes I’m having problem as well
Buyer can easily get confused when the received the order
Hard to find out which eBay shop they been purchased

Before subscribe to linkwork I have been with AIMCO software known as packaging partner
and on the address label I can add my eBay id with my return address
so the buyers can identified where they bought it from

and i don’t want to show to the buyers i do have 3, 4 eBay shops


This is something that is in place for all channels apart from eBay. It is not something that we will be implementing as the current SubSources are used architecturally for identifying eBay channels.
Hi, I would like to see this implemented also. Thanks

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