delivery notes

We use 2 types of order notes.

One is from the customer and usually contains content such as "do not leave with neighbours".

The other is our own admin notes which will contain information about the order or the customer.

When printing labels we export the notes which are then printed onto the label.

Currently there is only one order notes section which means our own admin notes are printed onto labels instead of just the delivery notes.

Please provide us with 2 separate notes sections so that we only print the delivery notes, and admin notes are kept private.

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Has linnworks improved this problem? or is it still unobtainable?
Notes can be marked as internal

Internal notes are still exported to our FC's along with the notes from customers when we select the Add Notes to the order export file. This means that our customers and couriers get to read all the "internal" notes against our orders. There should be a way of exporting notes other than these internal notes.

Response from Linnworks customer support:

"Order notes field would be exporting a list of notes appended to an order, unfortunately it is not possible to apply a filter whether it's internal or processing."

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