Warehouse Stock Transfer

We need similar functionality for FBA.

Every time we send goods to FBA, we are forced to manually subtract inventory and and re-add stockvalues in the new location. Because 90% of our business is done through FBA, this makes reporting absolutely impossible. Without a stockvalue there is no dispatchcost.

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We could also use this much needed feature =)
Any news regarding this?
This project is currently going through testing.
In so many ways this is a critical feature both for FBA management and for site transfer of stocks

Happy to help with trialling if it's of assistance

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Is this finished yet?
This was going through testing in January 2014, is it ready yet?
We are also looking forward to seeing this =) Any updates would be great
Just spoke to LW, still no ETA but there's an outside chance that it will be released for the end of the summer.
Any update on this? Even a rough ETA update would be great.
WST is released and can be found in LW. Version is still Beta and will be constantly updating during next few weeks.
I checked it, for some reason it is not giving us an option to select FBA location to transfer any stock from default.
Ok so I got this official response: It seems that we are back to square one: The solution they took years to built, does not really give any resolution to real problem.


As per our documentation, it is not able to transfer stock to an FBA location, as Linnworks does not have access to control the booking of stock into FBA locations.

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Great ..... I guess we will skip the webinar today then
Is this going to be fixed/added to the WT tool? Or are we going to have to keep manually adjusting the stock levels of any item we sent to FBA?

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