Warehouse Stock Transfer

We need similar functionality for FBA.

Every time we send goods to FBA, we are forced to manually subtract inventory and and re-add stockvalues in the new location. Because 90% of our business is done through FBA, this makes reporting absolutely impossible. Without a stockvalue there is no dispatchcost.

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When moving stock into Amazon FBA, Linnworks does not deduct the stock from the default warehouse. It would be good to have a feature where I can move stock as a warehouse transfer, rather than through manual adjustments
and for LinnWorks to keep track of stock moved from A to B,C,D how many pieces and when
We raise a New Order each time we ship to FBA but set the value of each item to 0.00 and the order as unpaid. This means we can then use Linnworks to print shipping labels as well as keep inventory levels accurate but I am sure this could be done more elegantly if someone thought about it
Misae, the problem with that approach is it screws up sales figures as all items on the order are now considered by the system as sold.
Linnworks told me this feature was in the pipeline several months ago?

I was told by linnworks to create a new order with all the items being sent to FBA in it all with £0 values. Once FBA receives the stock it shows in linnworks.
This is very very significant for us as we operate multiple channels and are restricted to ordering to a certain schedule by a supplier. We love the product but the lack of this relatively core inventory management feature makes the overall solution far less compelling.
Long, long overdue. Like Mark, I was told that it was under development last summer, but today I have been told that I should suggest it on user voice. Please, please Linnworks, it is so frustrating to have to create PO's to move stock between warehouses and not being able to create a FBA shipment from Linnworks is depressing.
It is just a huge disappointment that this basic functionality has been worked yet.
FBA needs this all the way. Currently making an order is 100% wrong because of all the reasons.
Stock trasnfer is needed for good.
Might be same as order, where you can scan barcodes and such to confirm all items moving are correct. +3
Another vote for this please. I've just sent my first test shipment to FBA, and am surprised to find there is no system in Linnworks to transfer the stock between locations.
in addition there should be an option to upload the FBA sku's Into Amazon seller central with a file that we should be able to create inbound shipment easy, and that we should be able to track if the quantity shipped to FBA was received in Full.
Some FBA items qty is not displayed in Inventory + problem with two or more FBA items for 1 LW SKU
Any news on this? We are overselling everyday because of it
any news? How can i move my stock from one location to another?

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