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Postal Services - Packing Groups - Size based rather than Weight Based

LinnWorks can display what packaging to use for a product based on the weight of the product.

I would like to see LinnWorks pick the packaging based on the size of the product and be able to change packaging sizes based on the overall size of the product(s) ordered.

If product X will fit into Envelope 1, but 2x Product X will not fit in envelope 1, use envelope 2.

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This is essential for Royal Mail sellers who are using Packet & Large Letters to send out. With the 2d bar-coding coming up from Royal Mail it will be essential...
Using the Rules Engine in Linnworks it is possible to set up the system to automatically assign a postal service based on the maximum height / width / depth dimensions from the Linnworks stock items linked to the order items.

We have put together a guide showing how this can be achieved. Although the guide is aimed at, the functionality is the same for Linnworks desktop.

When it comes to the issue of trying to decide if 2 or more products are able to fit within one package or another based how the items stack together, this would not be possible as a standard feature of the system and probably would not be possible through a script either. The algorithm involved in calculating the required 3D nesting is very complex and as such would not be implemented.

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems

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