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Integrate with Royal Mail 'Packet Sort' products

Packet Sort allows large volume posters to save money by sorting the mail into between 8 and 256 post code area's. It would be very helpful if Linnworks could display on the invoice/label the postcode sector that it fell into. I should just be a case of looking up the first half of the postcode and returning a value for the sector.

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This can be achieved with rather large invoice field script. i.e. drop in the text field on the invoice and create a IIF script to work out the section based on the postcode lookup.

Alternatively if the lookup table is too large to maintain in the simple text field then you could have a order script which places an order into a folder with the relevant sorting code. The folder names can be displayed on the invoice.

We have done the code for it and we are selling it for a small fee of £200 + VAT, Let us know if you need it. 



Hi, can you code it so it can display the folder name at the bottom of the shipping label?

We currently use Royal Mail 2d barcode shipping labels, so could we program it so it could put a simply letter or number at the bottom of the shipping label to indicate which sack it needs to go into?

So say we programmed certain postcodes to certain folders, like CV Postcode to Folder 1. Could we then program the system to that at the bottom of all CV postcode shipping labels, it states a "1" at the bottom so we can simply pop it into the correct mailing sack?

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