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Ability to return an item more than once

Consider the following scenario that we often experience:

A customer returns an item to exchange it for a different model/size/etc or because it is faulty. We then exchange it for the correct item. The customer then decides they actually do not want the item at all and would like to return it for a refund - the refund option is now blocked because it has already been returned.

This means we have to manually refund the order on the sales channel and Linnworks cannot keep a record of the refund.

It would also be helpful if the return could be changed after being saved, for example if the refund amount is incorrect etc.

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When the customer returns the exchanged item this is for the new order. Therefore you will need to log the return against the exchange rather than the first order.
But returning the exchanged item does not give the option to refund the original payment...

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