Must have for LL2 - Free Shipping on First Service Calculated Shipping

Hi Guys,

I finally got time to explore LL2 and test it for eBay. The only thing that it is lacking from what I can tell is to offer Free Shipping on the first service offered under Calculated Shipping. All of my competitors offer Free Shipping on the first service (Which for us is first class mail on most of our items), so it is crucial for us. Is this possible ? I would love to drop Blackthorne pro and make the move to LL2 completely!



Hi Ryan,

You should select FlatDomesticCalculatedInternational shipping. Then you will be able to offer Free Domestic shipping.



Yeah I figured we could do it that way, but Flat Domestic is not good because customers won't buy from us as much. For example express overnight mail to Chicago from our location only costs 12.00 when eBay calculated shipping, but it costs 21.95 to go to California. That is why calculated shipping is preferred by customers because they know they are not getting charged too much. So in order for us to use Flat rate we would have to cover ourselves and charge everyone the highest possible rate for overnight shipping ; that 21.95.

Please see attached screenshot so you can see how Blackthorne Pro does it. I have also seen this on auctiva, turbo lister and other listing software, so it is certainly a widely used option.

Please is there any way we can add this to LL2? =)

Thanks very much,


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