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Develop an android app and api for warehouse workers to be able to enter new photo's and inventory items, restock items, inventory items

The current scanner app that needs $1200 scanners (we have 8 warehouse people) and utilizes telnet seems to be a leap back into the stone age.

Android devices are cheap, reliable and small. Items could be scanned, photographed, inventoried, descriptions automatically filled in from amazon.

There are already scanner apps out there that are very cheap (3 bucks) Barcode Express is a GREAT app can be downloaded from google play .This would work perfectly with linnworks of we could only have an API.

Windows CE has so many issues and telnet is so old (older than me)

We have WIFI now why is telnet the solution????

At least develop an api so we can develop app ourselves.

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Either Android or iOS would be great. iOS is more expensive but lots of people have these.
Android gets my vote for intitial development, android tablets are something which many businesses could invest in for a warehouse whereas iPads and iPhones aren't.

But being able to scan an item in the warehouse and input its stock level directly onto Linnworks would make stock counts easier.
Yes, yes, yes yes yes.

Android development, definitely. Why pay hundreds of pounds for a mobile scanner when most Android devices have all the functionality and more.
We will not be creating a dedicated application for any particular mobile OS, however we are looking at expanding our API and so 3rd Party Mobile applications could be possible in the future.
Try Linn-go, readily available, supported and ever evolving linnworks Android app todate.

Search "linnworks" on Google play and download Linn-Go for free.

Requires Pro subscription for more features.

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