Add BinRack Location into the Order Dispatch Screen

It would be beneficial if the BinRack Location was in the column chooser as part of the open orders screen. It would benefit people that only pick occasionally, new recruits and the elusive item that everybody knows exists, but nobody can find.

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Wow, this has been raised since 2012 and it is still not implemented!!

I have just raised a ticket for this very reason - it seems ridiculous that there is no option to have a column for Bin/rack... how are people meant to find things easily?

Sometimes developers need to think about how a system will be used in the real world, and this is a perfect example of how a great system doesn't quite fit in with reality.

Linnworks is meant to be used so companies can sell stuff. So in the real world someone goes to the Open Orders screen, sees what has sold, packs it up then sends it off. But if they can't find it then they're not going to be able to pack it, so we can't sell it.

I know there are other ways to find the item's location, like closing the order, going in to My Inventory then checking the Locations/Bin rack extended property, then finding the item on the shelf, opening the order in Open Orders again and processing it, but really? Why make it that difficult when all that's needed is to show the location on the Open Order screen.

And I know we can print a Pick List and it is shown there, but why print something when we shouldn't have to?

There's a simple answer to this - Linnworks please take note.

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