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Specifying Quantity when listing on linnlive

LinnLive only allows to list items on Linnworks inventory with quantity specified in Linnworks only! We usually list items a few weeks before release date and they obviously won't be in stock but linnlive seems to only list products at quantities specified in the inventory of linnworks.

We need a way of updating the quantity when listing using linnlive regardless of the stock quantity shown in linnworks.

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We are in the process of switching to Linnworks, at present our software will detect if a product being listed has 0 qty and will list a nominal amount as in stock but mark them as 2 - 3 weeks processing time to allow us to get them in stock, this allows us to oversell and the customers are ok with waitng for delivery. Each product had a defined property to say if it could be oversold and the amount of leadtime to allow.
Sounds like an allowed back order quantity would be good for this.

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