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Sub categories within category

When in the product inventory and the product categories section it would be great to be able to add a sub category within a category - e.g Top level - Caravan & Camping,

subs categories of: accessories, consumables, spares

This would then enable use to see what is being sold within the category

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This would be brilliant for sales reports.
yes very good idea
This a very basic feature missing from LW.
I would rather have it as Labels (same as Gmail Labels) rather then nested categories
It would be much better as sometimes the same item falls under 2 categories and with categories we are limited to 1 category vs. with labels we can attach as much as we feel is needed
Found this whilst posting the same idea, this is well over due!
It is intentionally kept as a single category level for the sake of making it simple to manage. The easiest way to hierarchically structure your categories is to define their name as
Category 1 > Sub Category 1.1 > Sub Sub Category 1.1.1 etc

Implementing hierarchical structure is not an a big deal, its just it doesn't produce much of a benefit while adding an unnecessary level of complexity.

The only viable reason for having multi hierarchical structure in categories would be for reporting. We are working on Linnworks Analytics for which will allow you to have manually build reporting axis for categories.

Is the option to have multiple sub categories nested under a main category available yet? 

This is quite a basic function which would massively improve the functionality for ordering, reporting, stock takes etc.

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