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Multiple bin/Rack for the same item

We have items with a lot of quantity that we store in a different bin/rack. At this moment we have to put all the BIn in one line. Is there a way to add more bin for the same item

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We too would greatly appreciate this feature.

We recently spent about 100 "man hours" moving product around just to consolidate it into the same BINs.

We would like to store much of our inventory the same way Amazon does (in multiple BINs - wherever there is space).

We can no longer afford to have a set amount of space in 1 BIN for a given SKU that may or may not ever come back in stock.

Thank you

PLEASE! Did anyone come up with a solution to this? We can't be the only 20 sellers with this problem.

Hi Dan

thanks for pointing out about using batches, it definitely works as i've just tested

What i wanted to ask was, do you know of any way where we could create a view within linnworks, which would then only show us all SKU's and their stock levels at each specific batch level. So say for e.g we created 2 batch levels for each SKU, one which is a pick bin and one for overflow stock. Could we have a view where we could see all the stock levels for items in the pick bins only. This would be ideal because we could then maybe create minimum levels for pick bins and download the data and let the staff automatically know which bins need refilling

I am not sure if you could do that on a view but you could definitely do it on the API, if you drop us an email I will send you some more details

This is how Amazon store their merchant stock, must be a smart requirement and I can see it being of great benefit, especially with Pallets!!

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