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Multiple bin/Rack for the same item

We have items with a lot of quantity that we store in a different bin/rack. At this moment we have to put all the BIn in one line. Is there a way to add more bin for the same item

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This is essential for our business. We cannot use the inventory side of Linnworks without this so are missing out on a lot of its features. It would be good to have stock rotation built in as well
We too see this as an essential piece that is missing from Linnworks For larger users). When inventory is received, we would like to assign product XYZ a second (or third ir fourth) Bin. Linnworks would know the total number of product XYZ in each Bin Location. As product XYZ sells, the pick list will send pickers to first location until stock is depleted, then the second location, and so on. (First in first out FIFO). The best way to utilize this is add it to the current functionality of Linnworks Mobile (Telnet). You would be in inventory recieving mode and would scan product, then scan bin location barcode. Ideally, once product XYZ was no longer in a certain Bin, it would be removed from the item details.
Linnworks should note that us larger users pay lot mores so we might be smaller in number but this will make a massive difference to us.

i would love to get rid of my clunky wms system but cant just because of this. ARGH
I will personally guarantee that we will increase our subscription level if you implement this feature.

We currently manage 3000 products with a lot of overstock, and are planning to increase the range even further. We're just about managing without multiple bin locations in Linnworks, but I don't think it will be possible for much longer!
We also require this desperately, our items have to be stocked at various places within the same warehouse so we need to be able to add these in as separate entries. You already have separate bins per warehouse but not multiple bins within 1 warehouse
Likewise - for us this is a big drawback
This is the no1 drawback for us and the only reason we can't drop our warehousing system and use Linnworks to its full potential
Linnworks allows for multiple bin/rack only in a situation of multiple locations, i.e. One bin/rack location for each location.

Implementing multiple bin/rack would not make sense as it would imply quantity hold for each bin/rack. This would make the system extremely complex on the top layer.

We found that in a situation when you need to simply identify a potential secondary location for a stock item, listing all bin/racks with a comma in one line is sufficient enough.
So, using your solution, how would this look on the pick list? Would the picker still follow the pick route or would the new locations with commas have him going everywhere?
Having used it in the way suggested, with commas separating multiple bins for 1 product I find this totally impractical. Every time you need to remove a bin you have to filter out and remove from the long thread the bin you need to remove or the new bin that a pallet may get reassigned to. should you need to reprint a new label you then need to copy and paste the entire thing and then leave only the picking stock location and then print the label, and then re-paste then entire thing back in 1 miss-click and you can loose all the locations as there is no undo option. As a suggestion for each product it should have sub category multiple bin locations in the add bin location option. For example you could add location 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 etc to you needs and set its so it only prints defaulted picking location for orders from either of the locations that's required. this does not have to get over complex and have stock totals in each location as you should have an idea of what stock you hold from the overall figure.
Agree with other comments, it is a good system for receiving orders from different channels but warehousing is pretty basic and not helpful if you have decent amount of stock
The current way Linnworks handle bin/rack is not scalable. We use Lokad to recalculate the optimal minimum levels every week. If an items sell well and the minimum level exceeds the bin capacity it causes some issues.

Also it's very difficult to use our warehouse space optimally.
I also believe that linnworks should have option to add multiple Bin Numbers because it is quite common to have the stock on more than one places in a warehouse and if we can add more than one locations then it will represent accurate picture of the stock.
At least, the system should have an option to add multiple Bin Numbers at the back end i.e. in the inventory details so the warehouse staff know where all the stock is
The current system on this does not work. We need multiple bins within a location so that stock can be efficiently stored in several locations at once. We do not wish to keep making room in our warehouse to group our products together because Linnworks believes it to be too complex.

We need a system where when stock comes into our warehouse we can put it into a free available space and then record the stock quantity in linnworks.

We then require Linnworks to process the stock in the order that it has been booked in, marking the invoice/picking list with the relevant Bin location so that the bin location changes when the stock runs out in the original location.

The process you suggest will l be very cumbersome forcing us to manually delete the location every time stock runs out. If we fail to do this the sort by bin location option in open orders becomes pointless.

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