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Fix the Meta Data Field in the Edit Item Window

The meta data window is too small; this is your product description section it's going to hold a lot of data, 3 lines with no scroll or resizing is not acceptable.

The meta data does not parse properly from linnworks into linnlive. Plain text is mashed together as a string instead of recognizing carriage returns. This means you must use html code for the parsing to work, but the meta data field has no WYSIWYG html support meaning you have to use a secondary program to get it down quickly.

Linnlive2 does NOT update the meta data field data and it HAS a WYSIWYG editor, which makes no sense. Any changes you make in LL2 is NOT going to exist the next time you list from your linnworks data.

You cannot CTRL+A to highlight all text, which makes it a HUGE pain to erase contents, especially with no scroll bar or means to navigate the tiny 3 line window.

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This is also a problem we are seeing.

Why bother to enter anything in the Meta Data field when it doesn't even format basic info like carriage returns.

After entering the Meta Data we then have to go into the Product description by channel and put in the


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