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PayPal Virtual Terminal

Integrate PayPal Virtual Terminal with Linnworks. The customer can pay for unpaid items from third parties such as eBay as well as direct. Customer details can then be transferred into Virtual Terminal from Linnworks so that data does not have to be entered twice.

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Paypal virtual terminal should be great for EPOS too.
Agreed - it is also ridiculous that currently direct PayPal payments that come through don't even contain the item details / description!!
I forgot to mention - creating New Orders within Linnworks are currently a chore - we literally have to repeat the details and copy / paste from Linnworks to PayPal - a phone transaction takes forever sometimes and just makes us sound like we're way behind the times systems wise!!

ps: you can't use it for EPOS though as you should be using chip & pin if the customer is present...!
This is over a year old - how can it STILL be under review!!!

Surely this is a really obvious feature that would help a lot of LW users and be very popular!! (hence the number of votes - that's a big clue to what users want LW!!!)

Where is this on the current development roadmap?!
Would be good to see some progress with this.
We've raised these concerns several times via tickets - this was the latest response to three questions
1) Integrated Virtual Terminal eg: PayPal Pro
2) Enabling more than one PayPal account in LW
3) Enabling PayPal only payments (not through eBay) to map all order / customer details / address etc eg: when sending a PayPal invoice or completing a PayPal Pro / VT transaction

Viktor Mazur Thu, 11 December 2014 13:52

Regarding payment gateways: this is not in development or even in plans. It might be implemented somewhere in future, but I can give you no guarantee at all.

Regarding more than 1 PayPal integration: PayPal integration was implemented even before eBay started working with PayPal. We have received almost 0 number of requests for allowing additional PayPal accounts to be integrated. So this feature is not under developments nor in our plans.

Regarding Payment Method Mapping: the main purpose of PayPal channel in Linnworks is to keep references, not to create and process orders. That is why there is no such mapping. By the way, I can see that Paypal orders still record Payment Methods (your orders 115881 and 115905, for example, have different Payment Methods).

Another reason for all three things above not being implemented or planned is an ongoing major development: (we are putting Linnworks to the web, making it a completely functional in your browser).
Although this functionality would be very useful, realistically it is unlikely we will find resources to implement it in

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