When bulk importing images, allow the slot to be specified

As I understand it, when importing pictures it will just fill the next available slot. If however you wish to have a structure - e.g. main picture slot1, thumbnail slot2, etc. then there is no way of doing this other than deleting all images and bulk importing, or importing manually per SKU

This is a noticable issue if importing is used most of the time to update products, and its not clear which products have had images uploaded.

It would *seem* a relatively quick / easy change to enable the headings to determine which slot an image is to be imported into

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Yes the current method is really clumsy and slow. I agree 100% this is the simplest way to manage it and it is a problem.
Agreed, this should be a basic feature.
It is also relevant where eBay allow 12 images but Amazon only 8. Often the better pictures are being dropped because they are not ranked at the top.
Please add this function Linnworks.

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