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Cancelled orders in Linnworks should be synced and cancelled/closed in Shopify

When an order is cancelled in Linnworks it disappears from the open orders screen but remains open in Shopify. All Linnworks needs to do is sync the change to shopify on the next sync by using the api to either close the shopify order without marking it as fulfilled or to cancel the order on shopify.

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You can do this in most channels by adding a small change to the script; we do this for sites we run in OsCommerce and OpenCart
I hope you'll add this functionality to Generic Websites (as MarkAsCancelledOrder script).
It's possible to send this information back to Shopify and we have the architecture in place to handle the cancellations within Linnworks. In the coming months we are looking at enhancing more channels to deal with canceled orders and Shopify will be one of them.

Was this ever implemented?  I'm having this issue at the moment.

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