Simplifed stock indicators in Open Orders

The current system is over-complicated for most users. The worst part is the dreaded 'Stock due' van symbol which seems to over-ride everything else. Whenever we have a SKU in an open purchase order, which is most of the time, we get this symbol. What it doesn't tell us is whether we actually have stock on the shelf or not. We can have 100 orders with a van symbol and no way of knowing which we can pack unless we hover over each one.

I would like to see a far simpler indicator system. Red cross means no stock at all, Orange Triangle means we have stock but not enough to pack all orders, Green tick means we can pack all these orders from the stock we have.

Or simply allow us to disable the van symbol. It's not important for us to see what we have on the way, it's important to know which orders we can send out today.

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I totally agree its a useless symbol that hides the stock values and does delay orders dispatching, we have recently stopped adding the purchase orders until the shipment arrives which defeats the purchase order system and delays future orders, I totally sympathize with you and linnworks should be sorting this out with priority.

OMG. This has delayed order, which resulted in negative feedbacks on both eBay and Amazon.

I am new to Linnworks, after migrating from Volo. The whole thing with having to manage between desktop and .net is rather confusing in it self, let alone trying to implement new linnworks features.

I recently got my head round the open order and finally got to start implementing purchase order, only to find it absolutely ruins our whole process in open orders.

Simple workaround would be to change the Green van to a different colour. 

Red van = Minus stock after the Purchase order

Green Van = Available in stock and purchase order on the way

(TEMP REQUEST) NEW colour Van = Sufficient stock and awaiting purchase order.

Upvoted. Current system makes no sense - we need to see what we have available now.

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