Make payment_method (BankName) available as condition in EmailTemplateEditor

We use DispatchNotificationEmail with attach invoice checked by default.

However, for some payment methods the invoice should NOT be included.

I need condtion to setup a 2nd dispatch template where attach invoice is not checked.

Currently a condition for BankName (actual name) or FkBankId (GUID) is not accepted.

Default template is now always being sent with invoice attached.

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This will be in the next patch

Has this patch been removed? Because PaymentMethod is not available anymore.

What happened?

I need the PaymantMethod / Bank name condition so that can restrict "credit account" customers from receiving the email.

I have made a test in Linnworks Desktop for this functionality and can confirm that Conditions based on BANKNAME are working.

The option has not yet been added to, but is in the development cycle to be implemented.

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

Hi, the last comment was 7 months ago. Are you any further to getting BankName to be available in .net?

Fulfilment centres do not send emails with desktop version. The .net version does send those emails but we need to filter out certain BANKNAME, otherwise we cannot use either.


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