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Fairly minor repricer enhancements

1. Make it clear when we have no inventory of an asin - just giving the entry a different background colour is enough

2. Make it clear when there is no competition on a product. The low price is always quoted, but we have to look on Amazon to see if that is a competitor, or we are the only seller - it is not always obvious and this would save time

3. Mark an asin in an easily identifiable way to show that either Amazon retail are selling the asin or an FBA seller is. These asins need special attention as repricer does not work well in normal mode against these sellers

4. Show the number of sellers for an asin (this could be combined with 2 - show 1* if we are the only seller, show a 1 if there's one seller and we have no inventory). It could also be combined with 3 - show 4Z if there are 4 sellers, one of which is Amazon / FBA. It could also be combined with 1

5. Show the listing ranking for the asin. I'd rather spend effeort on the high ranking listings, not the very low ranking ones

6. Allow a column chooser which holds a memory of what was selected. Category is useless to me, but number of sellers, ranking and Amazon present are of far more interest.

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There is no easy way to do this. All this automation requires constant traffic usage between Amazon and our servers. This will not be implemented.

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