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An IPAD app would be excellent!

Ipad app to allow viewing of inventory and orders, updating inventory and more. Would be excellent for linnworks users.

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Yes this would be good, we need! :)
Is there any news on maybe something like this in the pipeline?
Port Linnlive from Silverlight to HTML5 and kill many birds with same stone.
We will not be developing a native application for any mobile operating systems. However we are developing some web functionality that will work across all mobile platforms.
This would be a great help to many users I am sure. I am surprised you do not have it yet. Please 're-look at this need.
Linnworks solution partners have developed a readily available, supported and ever evolving android app called Linn-Go.

Stable version currently available on Google play.

Simply search for "linnworks" or click here


A new order management app to lookup and process order has been recently launched on GooglePlay store. Please download and try to free for 30 days!

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