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ability to change the tracking number in the processed order screen

it would help to be able to change some info after the order is processed

basically shipping info

thanks again!

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In Linnworks, processing an order means that you are shipping the order. So physically you don't have control of the order any more and are not able to change the tracking number. We will not be adding the functionality to change information in orders once processed.

This would be a useful feature to have, especially since the shipping integrations in Linnworks don't give many options for shipping add-ons. For example; if we want to add "signature required" to a shipment but have already "processed" the order in Linnworks.  This option is not available with the current Easyship/Linnworks integration that we are using so we have had to do it after the fact. Or they may have been a mistake with the shipping option originally selected for the order.  Marketplaces allow us to change tracking numbers after the fact but this would be useful because we track all of our shipments through Linnworks. 

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