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Sending order confirmation via SMS

I'm finding more and more that emails are bouncing back, or not being read, particularly with customers using mobile devices.

It would be useful to be able to send SMS confirmation as well as by email, through a compatible third party if it exists, if not directly from LW.

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Hi there,

Not sure what country you are in or what postal services you use but both Royal Mail and Parcel force offer this as a free service in the UK.
This would be very useful as some of our channels are starting to require this as standard. As Steven highlights, this is a free service with tracked services from Royal Mail and Parcelforce in the UK but not on non-tracked services. This integration would allow a notification to customers that their goods have been dispatched via SMS rather than people receiving an e-mail which they don't read.
In we are supporting this through the couriers that allow sending of order confirmation SMS for selected services.

Once a courier has been integrated, add a service that supports this functionality and check the "SMS notification" option when editing the service.
This will then inform the courier that an SMS notification is required when a shipping label is printed from Linnworks

Courier Integrations for

An example of setting the option can be found in the following ParcelForce guide

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

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