Ability to copy and paste informations from LW. Especially in processed orders screen.

Currently, you can't simply copy and past much of the information in LW. Very useful in case of view order xml and processedd orders screen. All the information if there, I just can't do a simply copy and paste.

It would save time if we could be able to copy and paste the information available in the differrent columns in the processed order screen and the differrent rows in view order XML panel.

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This was a bug with one of the components that we use for Linnworks which we have now created a work around for. If you find any other screens in which this happens please open a support ticket and we will update that screen to use the new Copy / Paste methods.
Could you add a copy function for every page for ALL data. If I say wanted to look into open orders, and noticed we had sold an item which we don't currently have, I should be able to quickly copy the SKU from that screen and paste it into the Inventory Screen.

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