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Linnworks is brilliant software for any e-commerce or trader of any type, however intergrating it with Quickbooks will make life easier with VAT returns etc and I am sure it will be very much welcomed by lot of Linnworks community members...

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Yes please add this, at the moment we are forced to use Webgility eCC (or T-Hub) to syncronize data to QuickBooks. Please allow creation of QuickBooks sales orders and/or invoices based on orders. Shipment tracking details should be synced into QuickBooks custom fields and/or Advanced Inventory fields.

Yes, PLEASE add QuickBooks integration!
Yes , currently i use ECC but notice linnworks allows printing with royal mail for UK Shipping , so yes with quickbooks accounts posting i would move to your software.
Hi Everyone. My name is Dustin and Im a account manager with Electronic Business Solutions. I just wanted to if there's anyone that is still looking for an account integration with Linnworks. We are in beta mode right now about to release 1 of many integrations with Linnworks. Below is just a few things that our integration will do!!!

100% Cloud Based
Subscription Service
Items Imported to accounting software
Purchase orders imported into account software
Orders Imported into accounting software as invoices
Payments imported into account software as payments
Paypal Transaction fees imported as expenses
Amazon fees also imported
and best of all it syncs in real time!!!!

Wanna Signup For More Information? Simply Go To:

and fill out the information and you will receive a e-mail with information about signing up when released. We think it will be ready for release in the next few weeks however we will only release when its perfect!!! :)
Yes! Please allow Linnworks to integrate with quickbooks! It will help make the process of transition from our old way of working to Linnworks a lot easier and more simple. Please make the integration of quickbooks and Linnworks available in United States!

Thank you
Quickbooks, XERO or SageOne would be great
We have a third party partner who created integration with Linnworks and Quickbooks online and Zohobooks
Need Linnworks to connect with my QuickBooks desktop Premier Plus version 2016

I have just finished a rather heated and lengthy conversation with Klaas Schippers ( at Linnworks.  The conversation came about because in October of this year I noticed that some UK FBA orders where missing from Linnworks, I noticed because a customer contacted me for a copy invoice, which we generate from Linnworks.

I opened a ticket with Linnworks staff giving some examples of orders known to be missing from Linnworks.  The response from Linnworks was pretty typical not answering the question as presented and not providing resolution to the problem; 

"I am afraid that would not be possible. When it comes to FBA orders, or orders in general, Linnworks downloads the currently open orders. As for the FBA Linnworks does not control those orders either but simply displays in the system what has been sent from FBA themselves to it. These orders also get processed by FBA and so on. What you could do in order to obtain the missing information for your previous FBA orders is that you could contact your FBA and ask them to provide with the invoices for those customers, as I am sure that they should be storing the information on their end since they are the ones dealing with the orders in the first place."

At this point panic has set in for us internally, since we output a spreadsheet like other Linnworks users which we then pass onto our accountant to produce our VAT returns with HMRC.  In short this means that our past filings to HMRC are incorrect and the severity of the problem is unknown, since we do not know which orders are missing from the Linnworks system.

I bring this to everyones attention for because you like us might be relying on this information to prepare your accounts.  Furthermore you may well have paid an external developer to export and import this data into Xero, Sage or Quickbooks.  Well if you have then you have just wasted a load of money like us, because the data in Linnworks YOUR "Order Management" tool IS WRONG, VERY, VERY WRONG.

Klaas Schippers ( at Linnworks does not see this to be a problem for concern, moreover it seems that Linnworks ARE fully aware of the problem and it is NOT ISOLATED, all customers have the same problem.  This is buried nicely in their documentation, more specifically here:  Of course if you have read every single page in the Linnworks documentation, you would know this (that is a joke in itself).

Is it acceptable to publish 90 or 80% of your orders to HMRC or the IRS? No!
Is it fair to say that you would NOT have signed up for Linnworks and Trusted in Linn Systems if you knew this? Fair!

Klaus clearly stated to me that he personally has know about this problem since starting his Role with Linn Systems, which according to LinkedIN was in 2016 (  Yet the Linnworks Development team have found it more pressing to develop pluggins for Etsy so their massive sellers of hand made Tea Cosies and Egg Cups can make their first fifty quid from their One Hundred and Fifty Pound a month "Order Management" software.... Unbelievable.

In closing Klaus made a personal offer to query my Amazon FBA  orders from when we started using Linnworks to highlight which orders are missing.  I suggest you contact him directly to request the same.... because your financials are wrong.

Klaas Schippers
Customer Experience Manager

+44 20 3651 7045

Or maybe even their CEO;

Fedor Dzjuba

Hello Stuart,

I remember our conversation quite well and think an apology from my side is in place. I based my answer on outdated information, which resulted in me informing you incorrectly and for this I am terribly sorry. Whilst I aimed to give you the best advice possible, I achieved almost the opposite.

In your particular case it came down to an Amazon FBA channel not being switched on previously, so Linnworks could not download the orders coming from your Amazon DE. When the sync does get switched on, Linnworks can only get the last 28 days of order info from Amazon, so in your case that would not suffice because the channel has been switched off longer then that. The .csv file method for comparison can still help to find out if any data has been missed. 

Going forward Linnworks will not miss any data from Amazon at all as your channel is working correctly and is setup as it should, the 'flaw' we thought was in the system apparently is not there. All the above relates to:

Best regards, 

Klaas Schippers

It comes down to poor documentation and screen prompts.  Do you think ANY user would want to have missing data?  Have you informed your Linn Works User base of this potential flaw that might effect their reporting?  Do you think you would gain any customers if you made this clear on a demo?

Your flippant comments are in reference to an issue I logged with you MONTHS AGO, where not addressed correctly in the first instance and are costing my company thousands of pounds to address and reconcile.

The fact remains that if you are a seller that sells on multiple Amazon channels and hold stock in ANY of these locations then YOU MUST ENABLE the FBA option for ALL of those channels, not just the one that holds the stock.  The link you have provided does not come close to addressing the issue, which you are clearly out of touch with.

I would suggest that you keep your 1990's style IT help desk responses of defence to yourself and work on formulating a positive approach to documentation and informing your customer base.

Hello Stuart,

I am sorry to hear you feel that way, even after my apologies. Please note that is the topic of the Quickbooks integration so Amazon FBA is a little off-topic. If you sell an Amazon FBA DE order and that channel is not switched on in Linnworks, indeed that order will not be downloaded into Linnworks. To further address your concerns; the documentation has been updated and the matter has been discussed internally. Should you have any more questions or concerns, you know how to reach me :) 

Have a nice day and merry Christmas,

Klaas Schippers

Hello everyone,


We have recently released a XERO API integration with the Linnworks platform, which we have had success with recently.


Ebusiness Guru for XERO is an accounting integration for Linnworks which posts Linnworks sales as sales invoices into the XERO Accounting System. Generate invoices in the correct currencies, either per order or as a combined sales orders summary from your sales channel, grouped by payment methods and originating channel, so you can manage your disbursements easily, and always be only a day behind Linnworks in Xero. It even breaks down payments received by Sales Tax rate!


Watch how it works by clicking here 


If you have any further queries, you can contact me at or email


Best regards,


eBusiness Guru

Karen, I am glad to share that provides multichannel ecommerce account for all Linnworks users.

SyncTools has ability to sync Sales, Purchase, Refund with various accounting software like QuickBooks Online, Xero, Zoho Books and many more..

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