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Android Access

It would be great if the LinnLive web page was usable from mobile devices.

Many of us are using Android devices and using tablet devices to browse and use web sites is becoming the norm.

Unfortunately the LinnLive site seems to use Silverlight which means we cant use it.

In integrated Linnworks/Linnlive app would be even better :)

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This would allow the extension of linnworks functionality to more devices so you could use an android tabled to manage inventory out in the racks without having to run back to your computer, use a relay system or an expensive hand held computer.

However, LW is very resource intensive and im not sure how it would work on a mobile device, It would have to be a lite version of the software.
It will be added with our next generation listing tool in the beginning of 2014
Linnworks solution partners have developed a readily available, supported and ever evolving android app called Linn-Go.

Stable version currently available on Google play.

Simply search for "linnworks" or click here

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