Bin / Rack improvements

At the moment bin / rack is very restrictive in the fact we move the location of something in the warehouse we have to update the bin / rack - I think it should be the other way round

Give us the option to create our own bin / rack locations within linnworks (just like suppliers etc) and then when we book stock in we assign it a bin / rack - this way the warehouse can be much more efficient in the way we allocate space and means no stock item has a fixed location maximising space

When we book it in we should have the option of linn selecting a space for us or we can override that option - and we should be able to put specific rules on the locations within the warehouse - so bin A is only suitable for products sized under xyz but bin B is suitable for anything over xyz

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It is a valid idea. I will put it under review. Which means it is accepted as possible development and we will start planning for it.

Please vote to prioritize it.
What would be very clever and great to have in addition is to be able to tell Linnworks how big each bin is so Linnworks can then work out how much room is left in that bin.?
The current way Linnworks handle bin/rack makes it difficult to scale. We use Lokad to recalculate the optimal minimum levels every week. If an item sells well and the minimum level exceeds the bin capacity, it causes some issues.

Also, it's very difficult to use our warehouse space optimally.

Why not have this "random stow" concept from Amazon?

Would it be possible for me to develop a small program which would connect to to do this?
yes, I also believe that linnworks need to improve his BinRacks option i.e. there should be an option to assign more than oneBin Number (BinRack) to an inventory item as sometimes stock of one item is situated on two different places and it is hard for us to select which BinRack we should mention.

This is something that is so imperative to our warehouse team. Please please please linnworks team, prioritise this as something that can be done asap!

I also agree with Zubair's comment about more than one bin/rack being used for an item and also Tony's comment about the space per bin/rack.
this is the exact way amazon utilise their warehouses, a scanner identifies bin rack / location and they can input it in anywhere within the warehouse where the item will fit when scanned sku is allocated to bin rack location, for quick picking of items the mobile scanners know where that sku is closest to the picker saving picking time.
Bin Rack is not only used for storing Bins and Racks. It is the only Free Text field available so is used for other things too - notes, Expiry dates, etc. If the format of this field changes there will no doubt be several users, like us, who will still need a free text field, in addition to Expiry Date.
It would also be useful if say you had an item in 2 bin/racks that one is made the pick and the other is the bulk store. Then have an option to provide a list to replenish pick bins from the bulk store. I know this is possible to do with multiple warehouses but it would be nice if a single warehouse could be set up as a single warehouse instead of needing to have a second bulk store warehouse set up.

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