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Read Listing Titles for Variation groups from Linnworks Listing Description

In Linnworks you create Inventory listing Prices/Titles and Descriptions under section Listing Descriptions.

For LinnLive Variation Listing the Prices and Descriptions are used from here . The later using the "Main" item to extract the parent description , but the Title does not work like this . Instead you have to create a extended property for this. Can the title handling work as the description does.

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I'll throw 3 votes onto this one as Graham knows of my forum post that closely relates to this suggestion.

However, I've no idea how I'd suggest they fix this as the Parent SKU for the variation listing technically doesn't exist as a concept within LinnLive (Variation Group being a cheap text based way of grouping/joining variant/child items).

I'd be keen to hear what suggestions there are for improving on this area as it stands I find myself manually typing up listing descriptions which is killing me for time (especially when the variant items have listing titles/descriptions themselves; which have been hand crafted for maximum exposure). Not to mention had no joy in pushing variation group titles through the use of an extended property mapped to the configurator.
I have subsequently found out that workaround is Amazon only I think which may be why you have problems . So this is a call to make even the workaround consistent I support.
I have just discovered that in Mageno it works around this title issue in another (broken) way in that it uses the Variation Group identified itself as the Title. This is worse than this situation since that has to be unique (to create the Variation Group logic) but of course products can be titled the same . I am going to have to spawn a new Suggestion but in reality this is linked to this fundamental problem that variation group is actually missing funcionality and needs improving.

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