Add a refresh button

When multiple users are using Linnworks, they may be making changes to tabs which are open on your screen. Having the ability to refresh your screen without having to close and re-open it would be useful.

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Most screens have an toggle option / search bar / Refresh button on them which allow you to refresh the data.
I appreciate that in most cases there are ways to refresh the screen, but not in all cases. From a UX point of view, it would be beneficial to have a system wide refresh button.

For example the Postal Service screen in Settings>Postal Services Methods has no ability to refresh. You need to close and re-open the tab to see changes.
Stock Item History screen also does not have any way to refresh without searching for the item again.
A refresh button is standard especially as on some screens you have to close and reopen or click "search" again - that is not good human interface design.

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