Work out product profits in accordance with eBay/PayPal and other Marketplaces fees

Have a section where one can record transaction fees (e.g. paypal transaction charges) on the view order page

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Hi Guys

Sorry for the trouble, I forwarded it to a new server so it can cope with the load

Please go to

Pass: Test123

Please note T is Capital

Thanks for the info.

Does this app pull data from the channels? The demo just appears to be a table of text entry fields unless I'm missing something.

Very basic and does nothing more than excel spreadsheet does. However it is a start.

I feel it needs more functionality.

Import prices and costs,either direct from the channels or from Lnnworks.

I don't see the option to view profit losses from which channel? Is it ebay or Amazon?

Ability to bulk change prices on set products to reach a desired profit % or profit £.

I currently use a spreadsheet to do all of the above but would be awesome if we could fit this into the app.
Contact details would be good.
All the feedbacks and questions can be sent to, I will also be answering all of the questions asked in the comments below.

You will be able to update the price directly from the software, each SKU will have a "+" collapse option next to it and that will include all the channel Amazon - eBay - Magento ( Source and Sub Source )

You will be able to download all the product info directly from linnworks either via Sync button or a csv file ( Still checking the functionality)

It may look like an excel sheet but it is more than that. ( Alot is to come - Audit Trail - i.e who changed the prices)

One click price change across all the channels.

Listing Optimization etc.

Hi all,
At the eCommerce expo I spoke with the developer who has been working on this functionality so that it can be used as an application within

He has a system ready that he would like your feedback on before making it a fully fledged option in the Application Store.

This is what he had to say
Done with the testing and the software is ready to be used, Below is the link for it, I have also included test logins


Pass: Test123

Please let me know if you have any question, please feel free to edit and play around with the file, let me know if you have any questions.

Many thanks

So, if you can take a look and give him your feedback this help to get this functionality out there for you to start using.

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems
Hi Sid
Just a quick query,

In your formulae you work out the VAT before the market place fees are taken off? is this correct as the market place fees are taken before any money hits your account. Whilst the marketplace fees are directly on the sale Amazon handle and manage the sale / Transaction. is this correct or should the VAT be calculated after the market place fees as that is the money which actually lands in your bank account.

Thanks in advance.
Hi Sam

The Law requires you to Pay / Claim VAT on all Sales / Expenses. You are right in saying that eBay will take the fees before it hits your Actual Bank Account.

For HMRC Paypal is classed as a bank account thus any amount that hits it needs to be accounted for.

i.e eBay Sales £1000 Received ( Sales ) - Then eBay Fees £100 Deducted ( Expense )

I know plenty of sellers who class the money received to their Actual Bank account as Sales. Which can be correct or incorrect. It depends how you look at it.

In my formula I used the way that is required by law

Hope this explains everything

Many thanks

Hi all,

After a lot of hard work and 1 year of development we have finally finished the software, anyone who is willing to see it, I can provide you with a demo. Please drop me an email if you are interested.

Many thanks


Hi Everyone

The app is now in the Linnworks App Store and you can get it for free for the First Year.

The Name of the App is Semlis. 

Many thanks


How is this project going? I would love to have this feature in Linnworks but interested in some feedback before I install......Anyone?

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