Work out product profits in accordance with eBay/PayPal and other Marketplaces fees

Have a section where one can record transaction fees (e.g. paypal transaction charges) on the view order page

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Any business owner would like to see profit margin daily/weekly to make crucial business decision. Same here, requested countless time, many years back, with no helpful solution. I will be leaving LW very soon due to this very reason alone, as their IT department has other more important issue to deal with = this is not really important to them.

Furthermore, my staff can change stock level anytime they like with Stock Level Import without username or trigger any bells... I'm giving up...
development is very veryyyy slow in the LW camp and attention to this forum is even slowwwerrrrr
Approaching 500 votes - could we have a response from Linnworks regarding the status of this highly requested feature?
Over 3 years old, 466 votes, and number one on Uservoice and it hasn't even been acknowledged.
Good afternoon All

Sorry we have not come back to you sooner.

In short, this feature poses a massive challenge to the Linnworks team due to format the information can be pulled from the marketplaces and how this would need to be displayed in Linnworks, because of this it is not in the current development roadmap but I do have some good news.

I have spoken to two of our development partners who are currently working on Apps for the application marketplace which we expect to be released very soon.

The first application, which we expect to be finished in July/August will allow users to download a report which will provide with the costing information from eBay and/or Amazon for all processed orders in Linnworks for specified dates, allowing users to understand the total amount of how much exactly each sale has cost them and overall profit.

The second application is more of a forecasting tool. This app will be able to tell you how much your listings will cost to post dependant on a number of variables, it will then be able to advise which of your existing inventory items are the most profitable when listed on eBay. We expect this application to be finished in the late summer/ early autumn time.

I hope this clears up this point, but if there is any follow-up questions, feel free to comment below and will ensure one of our team gets back to you ASAP.

Kind regards
This would be perfect within linnworks but like you all say nothing has been done
Has any one found a software that handles this solution as well?
Hi Guys,

As a linnworks user I have been asking for this feature for ages and only got excuses in return. I will be getting a programmer to get this done for us and once we have used and tested it we will post it on App section.

This is very crucial for every business. Without this tool there is no room for growth and you are just blindly doing your business hoping that you might be making profit. ( EXCEL SHEET ARE NOT VERY RELIABLE)

Hi Sid,

We sare your frustration, if you are going to do this don't forget about shipping costs as part of any calculation it is not just about marketplace fees. Having said that for a feature with so many votes I think it should be core functionality not an App. All these apps cost extra money increasing the cost of ownership for basic Linnworks functionality and letting the core system off the hook!
Hi Guys,

Thanks jim, got all of them covered.

Good News, It is up and running now and we are doing loads of testing on it. We still need to add the bulk upload functionality to it and last but not the least SEARCH.

At the moment it is web based and we will try and integrate it with linnworks once it is fully functional.

I have made the VAT, Postage and Market Place Variable editable. So you guys can edit it. We will also made the Purchase price, List price editable as well.

Please let me know if you guys need some other stuff added to it and all the ideas are welcome.

Hi Guys,

Done with the testing and the software is ready to be used, Below is the link for it, I have also included test logins

Pass: Testuser2016

Please let me know if you have any question, please feel free to edit and play around with the file, let me know if you have any questions.

Many thanks
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