Work out product profits in accordance with eBay/PayPal and other Marketplaces fees

Have a section where one can record transaction fees (e.g. paypal transaction charges) on the view order page

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This would be very useful. Shaheed, I hope you don't mind but if this was also combined with the ability to add additional fees/costs to the order as it is processed (from Despatch Console) that would be really great - we often have additional charges that we need to include at a per-order basis (packaging, handling, gift wrap costs etc) and then report on this to be able to invoice our clients.
As a new user, I have to enter my product onto a spreadsheet I made myself to work out the profit for an item I want to sell on eBay or Amazon. I change the product selling price to reflect the profit.

We should have a feature in Linnworks attached to the inventory that will have extra columns such as eBay/Paypal fees and other market fees which will then provide the final profit.

From this we can create accurate reports as to how much profit we've made on a particular item, over any period of item, and find out easily what products deliver the most/least profit. It compliment the repricing tool well, too. This feature is crucial, especially with a repricing tool built-in, how do we know the lowest price we should be selling an item for without consulting our spreadsheet?
This would be great - Amazon would be the easiest, because they have just flat rate 15% in most categories. It would be harder for eBay, because depending on sales volume, some sellers get charged 2.9%, some only 1.9% of each sale.
AMAZING FEATURE and very necessary indeed
I too am looking for the same solution. I need to produce report that tell me a daily profit for all channels.
this is essential !!

I spent an hours training session talking about the analytics capabilities of Linnworks... quite capable and flexible indeed however so frustrating as the profit margin throughout Linnworks means very little really as doesn't take into account any fees or postage amounts too!

I'd love a comprehensive set of features around this to be added to LinnWorks!!
can't wait for this to be implemented
Should also import Amazon settlements


Is LW able to give us an accurate level of profit we're making on a range of items by channel.

Our main issue is we sell lots of items on eBay, however LW doesn't know the amount we've spent to post each item out, nor does it know the fees percentage of that eBay take away from the profit.

I think I'm correct in saying that LW should accurately know / be able to subtract the cost of the item, the VAT (and PayPal's fee will have already gone out by the time LW see's the sale amount come through)

Hope you can help as this feature / capability would really help us monitor these sales properly as sometimes we're left guessing whether we're making a profit or not!!

Olga Silina Thu, 19 June 2014 03:58
Hello Alex,

Linnworks does not take listing fees into consideration when building reports.

As a workaround you can use Sales Report directly on eBay to monitor profit levels considering listing fees.
You can subscribe for eBay Sales Report here:

And please read documentation on Amazon Payment Report here:

Alex Mac :: Thu, 19 June 2014 16:28
however - this doesn't take into account VAT, stock purchases or postage

is the best you've got - I thought with all the data coming into Linnworks that it would be best placed to generate an accurate fully encompassing report!

I expect more from Linnworks tbh
can you or anyone help any further please

Aleksei Kolesnikov Fri, 20 June 2014 03:53

The feature request to download channel fees and display them against profit margin and/or separate report has been reviewed by our developers. It was agreed not to implement this feature at this moment due to other important tasks at hand however we may revisit this in the future.

I can understand the importance of this feature to you and also see that you have posted a comment on our User Voice regarding this development request, however this feature won't be added in the nearest future. Nevertheless, I will add this ticket ID to our project planner and we will update you as soon as there would be any progress regarding this functionality.

Best Regards,

Customer Support Service
Linn Systems

Alex Mac :: Fri, 20 June 2014 17:59
Hi Aleksei

Thanks for your response and thanks for speaking with the developers

I'd really like to know what developments feature above giving users the information they need in order to see whether they're selling at a profit or not and what their margins are....

Can you please let me know why this is not of paramount importance!

I don't think there would be a LinnWorks user out there who wouldn't love this information on hand all of the time!
I would imagine you could simple input your appropriate ebay/amazon fee into the channel integration config?
What's far more important here than the fees is the postage paid per transaction. You can easily work out the fees, just subtract 15% and you're almost spot on (exactly spot on in Amazon).
Completely agree with Tristan
over 2 years old - kinda pointless voting...

This wouldn't be hard to work out and would be a step towards the profit figures in LW being of any real use at all - currently I just totally ignore them as do I imagine most users as we all know that we don't actually see that figure after cost of sales!!

come on LW - seriously - 2 years to reply to yet another good suggestion!
For our business, profit reporting is the biggest thing missing from Linnworks. The ability to add cost prices for postage, costs of goods, selling fees etc, and then have detailed margin reports based on sales.

We are actually using a third party to develop a standalone platform for exactly this.
Watch out for accounting in linnworks too - accounting and a tie to accounting is horrible. Linnworks let's you break accounting rules like crazy meaning your books will not be accurate at all. ERP is your next step

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