cancel order action in Linnworks to cancel orders on eBay

As some of you may be aware the cancel order action in Linnworks does not cancel orders on eBay.

Therefore Linnworks should add this!

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Given the complex process of cancelling an ebay order and awaiting the customers permission to cancel, can someone at Linnworks comment on whether this is even possible via API??
also add "cancel order action in Linnworks should mean cancel orders on amazon"
Cancellation of orders through the system is different for each channel, and usually requires a lengthy process. Most channels discourage the cancellation of orders through software such as Linnworks, too. This leads me to the belief that it probably won't be something that can be accomplished in the near future due to the restrictions that are put in place on the channels.
in some instances you also need to cancel on Paypal or else, also, if you click cancel by mistake then you've lost a transaction. Best to leave it as it is in my opinion!

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