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Download only orders that are paid.

Download only orders that are paid, particularly in eBay. Muppets buy stuff and dont pay, Linnworks is telling me to re-order this stock but some people dont and wont pay!

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It's a good idea but if they do decide to pay at a later date and the system does not 'temporarily' hold the stock in this way then you could end up overselling a product.

A quick fix to this solution on eBay is to review your listing and select the checkbox, immediate payment required under your PayPal email address? However, we don't use this so not sure if it would 'create' the order still as unpaid if they did try and make a purchase without payment.
As mentioned in the comment, we need to hold the stock, even if the order is not paid for yet. This is not something that we will be implementing in Linnworks.

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