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Royal Mail OBA Label

Option to Add Order reference number
And Channel Reference number

The most need is the Selling channel user Instead of Just single business name

Currently using like following on postage label
If Undelivered Return to: EVAL{BEGIN}IIF[[{SubSource}]="EBAY0"," ebay user ID",]
Ebay0 = Jackebaystore
Ebay0 = Mikebaystore
Ebay0 = Johnebaystore
Amazon = SellingKing SellerABCD

If i use the Trade name for all (Exs: Trade name: Sell & loose Ltd)
Buyer will get confuse and there is chance of claim back
Buyers doesn’t know where its come from

Have paid £80 + VAT and Bought the Zebra printer but Stopped because of the above reason
Many people don’t like paper works with them order
All the things can be send by mail and save money and mainly time

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Ebay1 = Jackebaystore
Ebay2 = Mikebaystore
Ebay3 = Johnebaystore
Amazon = SellingKing SellerABCD

Thank you
Best regards
This is not something that will be possible to implement. You need to use one Trade name per OBA account and this information is stored on Royal Mail's database.

With regards to the references, we already send Linnworks Order ID as Custom Field 1 and the Reference Number (from channel) as Custom Field 2.

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