Shipping tax should be a setting and channels should have a setting to check if sales tax was factored into the shipping cost.

Each US state is different in the fact that some charge sales tax on shipping and some do not. That needs to be a part of the sales tax calculations.

Linnworks also automatically removes sales tax from shipping amounts pulled from channels. (At least it does for eBay.) eBay doesn't always include sales tax in the shipping costs. Some sellers set the cost of shipping and might add sales tax there, but rate quotes don't have sales tax added to them.

To keep things accurate, Linnworks much take into account that some orders don't include sales tax on shipping. Individual orders should have a check box that defaults to the system setting of whether or not that order's shipping included sales tax.

Without this critical update, legal issues could develop for anyone who relies on the Linnworks system to keep track of their sales tax.

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The same issue applies to the subtotal being pulled. If you sell something for $30, the $30 doesn't include the tax. Tax is added to the $30 and Linnworks shouldn't be deducting tax from the base amount.

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