Magento Variation Titles

This is similar to other voices on here but is a specific workaround in place for Magento that is different from in other channels . In Magento variation listings there is no way to set the variation title . The title is not read from Listing description title . the Current workaround is to your the Variation Parent Group value . In most cases that should be the parent SKU , although I guess lots of maybe discovered this problem and use a title. This doesnt work for anyone who has different variations that need the same title. Or anyone who does not want to have group references that are descriptive titles .

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As your also Cannot Edit Variation Group without orphaning your listing it also means TItles on your website cant change.
You can use ParentSKU extended property to set appropriate SKU for variations item.

For Title you should go to Magento Configurators -> Variation attributes and you can select appropriate extended property for your title.

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